How To Bull Nose And, Re Hone Porcelain Tiles

How To Bull Nose And, Re Hone Porcelain Tiles

Hi There, and yes it’s another rare blog post, I posted a picture on facebook the other day of some work I had done about Porcelain tiles bull nosed and re-honed. One of the tilers on Facebook asked How I re home them because he have always had a problem with bull nosing and the honing of porcelain tiles.

So I thought I would Make a quick Video on how I bull nose and hone porcelain tiles.


Here is a how I bull nose and hone porcelain tiles.

First of you will need a variable speed polisher grinder this is the machine I use it is expensive but you only get what you pay for, and if you are going to stay in the tiling game for life you are going to want a machine that is going to last, this is the polisher I Use…click the Image for more info.


Flex L 1506 VR Angle Grinder 150mm Diameter Pad You will also need a good diamond blade  this is the company I buy my diamond blades from. The blade I was using in the video is this one, Click the picture to go to there website…. Click the dimond wheel for more info

Tile Slysa Premium Diamond Blades For Glass and Porcelain

Abrasive polishing papers

You will also need a backing pad and a selection of papers , you can also use Velcro paper pads and diamond pads. There are lots of great stone tools and accessorys in the PDF Document.

Click Here to down load the free pdf Catalogue

You will find the items below on pages 82 and110 of the PDF Document.

Flexipads 36040 Backing Pads Self Stick 125mm5" x NH Black Paper Adhesive Sanding Discs



What you need to do next Mark up the porcelain tile that you want to put the bull nose on, as in the video. then carefully work your way up and down the edge of the tile with the diamond blade until you have the desired shape you want.

Take the diamond blade off of the machine stick 60 Grit paper pads on to your backing pads using spray adhesive. Gently work your way up and down the bull nose Shape until it is smooth repeat this with 120,220,320 grit paper until you get the Finnish you want.

If you need to give the final touch when the porcelain tiles are fixed you can do this depending on how fussy you are.

You can also do this process to the slightly sawn edge of the porcelain tile, this makes the external angles look really nice.

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