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Alex Goddard Tiler

Hi I’m Alex Goddard; Thanks for visiting my website, I have been tiling for 34 years and have no tiling qualifications just 34 years experience.
I was probably lucky when it comes to being taught my tiling trade, my whole tiling career I have worked with tilers and tradesmen that have a passion for what they do for a living, by that I mean they put the quality of their workmanship first and the money second but obviously the money is important as well.

I started working with my brother John Goddard, who in his own right is an absolute master tiler in my opinion.
I started working in the commercial industry for about 9 years, over that period of time I slowly built up a name for myself in the domestic world of tiling working direct for to the customer. Up until that time all the work I did was in ceramic floor and wall tiling.
With the changing trends of my industry I decided to push my services towards fixing natural stone floor and wall tiles. That is when I came in contact with a London based bathroom company that had a bathroom show room in Kensington, named Pipedreams. I was given new challenges in the world of marble, sand and limestone tiling and mosaic. This is where I really had to prove myself as a tiler. Every job had to be teetering on the verge of perfection because of the wealthy based clientele thet Pipedreams had, but hay, when there they were paying top dollar for work anybody would expect perfection and quality workmanship.
I also started to get involved in the full installation of the bathroom where I could take control of the quality from the start to Finnish of the bathroom.
I like to take pride in every job I do and like to work for the client that truly appreciates good quality workmanship
If you have any questions or you need advice about your job
Feel free to contact me


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